• Russia!

Designer: Paula Scher
December, 2014

  • The Secret Life of Money

The Secret Life of Money
Illustrator: Nishant Choksi
April, 2015

  • Long Road Home

Long Road Home
Illustrator: jon McNaught

  • Brutal Territory

Brutal Territory
Illustrator: Matt Dorfman
January, 2015

  • Thrillers, Horror, Noir

Thrillers, Horror, Noir
Illustrator: Gray 318
October, 2014

  • Red Queens

Red Queens
Illustrator: David Plunkert
September, 2013

  • Among The Disrupted

Among The Disrupted
Illustrator: Joon Mo Kang
January, 2015

  • Summer Reading

Summer Reading
Illustrators: Golden Cosmos
June, 2012

  • What Do Women Want

What Do Women Want
Illustrator: Malika Favre
June, 2013

  • The Other Sister

The Other Sister
Illustrator: Matt Dorfman
June, 2013

  • Cross Over

Cross Over
Illustrator: O.O.P.S.
June, 2013

  • On the Brink

On the Brink
Illustrator: Seymour Chwast
May, 2012

  • Escape Route

Escape Route
Illustrator: Richard McGuire
November, 2011

  • Race Unbound

Race Unbound
Designer: Arem Duplessis

  • Arthur Rimbaud

Arthur Rimbaud
Illustrator: Hugo Guinness
June, 2011

  • Undertow

Illustrator: Emiliano Ponzi
April 2011

  • Last Audit

Last Audit
Designer: Peter Mendelsund
April 2011

  • Art of Deception

Art of Deception
Illustrator: Christoph Niemann
May 2011

  • Moscow Express

Moscow Express
Illustrator: Stephen Savage
August, 2011

  • Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day
Illustrator: Paul Sahre
August, 2010

  • Woody Talks

Woody Talks
Illustrator: Richard McGuire
November, 2007

  • Willie Mays

Willie Mays
Illustrator: Rodrigo Corral
February, 2010

  • Words About Words

Words About Words
Illustrator: Leonardo Sonnoli
February, 2010

  • Birth Pangs

Birth Pangs
Illustrator: Shannon May
October, 2010

  • Obama

Week In Review

  • Ballot Fears

Ballot Fears
Week In Review

  • Real Estate Bubble

Real Estate Bubble
Week In Review

  • Who Is Zarqawi?

Who Is Zarqawi?
Week In Review